Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Quick Photo Tour

After school ends MANY students stay after to stay in club activities (and there are a lot of different clubs). A visit to the art club revealed no teachers. The children were getting supplies on their own and working on projects. One boy was paiting Starry Night (Van Gogh, I hope you know that Brayan). These girls were carefully picking weeds from the roots. Not in the school garden, but everywhere. As you know, children clean up after themselves. A teacher was found after school cleaning the restroom floors with the children.

Kendo. A traditional sport in Japan.

What can I say? I'm lucky. This is, of course, Mount Fuji. This is the view from Enoishma Island. 2 miles away...15 minutes running distance.

The peace is the number one thing Japanese children do when they see us. Go figure!

To explain this picture and this photo would take me an hour. Here it is in a glimpse. I went on a treasure hunt in Zushi for an ancient keyhole tumulus (look that up- It's a place where very important people are burried). It involved a 3 mile hike to this town, several tunnels, a sweet Hawaiian resturant, flashlights, a Garmin GPS system, the writer of Sesame Street (in Japanese) who attended UT Martin, who helped us climb the 100 m (football field) hill that never seemed to end, who had his dog Love to keep us company, that helped us look for a treasure hidden in the hole of a tree, who helped us give up but helped us realize it wasn't the treasure, it was the adventure that was worth it, who invited us to his house (Mom, don't freak out. This is normal), who had a mansion, who then took us back to the train station in his BMW. I did NOT run the next morning. The 100 meter hill alone was a MAJOR workout.

Oh. Now, I am running out of time. Here I go.

This is our tour guide. I LOVE HER!!! I couldn't imagine anyone not liking her. She is so sweet!

How could I not add this one?