Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fish, Fish, and Fish-A Rainy Trip to the Fish Market

Live, live, live. Most things were living. I think I saw leeches being sold, and I swear some got out and were crawling around on the floor. No, I don't know what the red thing is, but I assure you it is not a tongue and it came from the sea.

So...I make way into the lobby to meet for a trip to Sumo Wrestling practice. We are then told that reservations must be made before going. So here is a group of people up at 5am for no reason at all. Luckily, I overslept for the Fish market trip the day before. And luckily another girl, Patricia, also hadn't gone. We quickly left for an adventure to the fish market. Bad news was that because it was unplanned we left with NO IDEA on how to get to the market at all. But things worked perfectly, down to the lack of an umbrella by Patricia (an elder lady came and said, "Here," and handed her a nice umbrella, to the taxi cab I caught when giving up on the way back. I really enjoyed taking and bath before going with her for breakfast after returning. She moved from Chile in her late 20s. Very spunky lady!
The Fish Market:
What's the big deal about fish?!? That was what I was thinking before we ventured on this random trip. But it was amazing. Really amazing. I am still amazed at what I saw. First important tip- WATCH OUT! There are men on little buggies and they will run you down in a heartbeat. Really. They mean business. So, it essentially looked like something from the open air market but mixed with a busy wearhouse. We were told to just go back to find the auctioning. And once we got there, huge crowds of men were bidding for fish. Large fish. Expensive fish. Rhe first went for 137,000 yen. That is about 1,000 US dollars. Here is a picture of what it looked like. Unfortunately my camera battery died shortly after and my trip back meant a lack of photographs of fish I never, ever knew existed. One looked like a made-up item from the prehistoric times.

Why did I take a picture of a lobster before my battery died? I don't know. It was huge. You can't tell in this picture. I got another photo of some eels, but figured there are only so many fish photos one needs in their life.

Tommorow's plan: A run by the Imperial Palace with Lisa (she needs 18 miles, I need 14), a trip to the Harajuku and Ginza district (fashion districts) and maybe Disneyland in the evening. Just playing it all by ear. Will post later :) I may not have access to a computer for a few days as we will be leaving for Chigasaki soon Sunday morning. Note: Sumo wrestlers was reserved but I passed for my running commitment to Lisa. I am so dedicated.