Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PB and J for my 20 a day!

So I'm eating at Spring Hill's finest, and only, sit down Chinese resturant as I open up my magic fortune cookie. It reads, " You will soon be crossing the great waters." I gaze in amazement as I notice that oil has seeped into the fortune cookie's paper (nasty). My astonishment fades as I calculate the number of fortune cookies read by the number of events that came true. I quickly determine, without the assistance of StatView or Dr. Wiemers, that fortune cookie reliability is found to be statistically insignificant (see, doctoral level stat classes that end at 10:30 at night really do work!). Anyway, I make my great crossing of the ocean on October 1-19. I am heading to Tokyo and Chigasaki in Japan. One for the fortune cookie!

So many things to be excited about considering it is a paid trip. But being a person of very little means, I was most excited to hear we each receive approx. 20 dollars a day for dinner. Are they kidding me? Don't they know I can remain a happy and sustaining being of life from PB and J every night? Again, I'm going to Disneyland (read previous post)! No, seriously, you can get there for half price after 4 pm, for about the same price. Food for thought...or is that food for Disneyland?

Hotel Images

So here is the image that specifically calls for me after searching sites from my email counterparts. I've never been so excited about a hotel in my life! With a bit of a running, I know just what I'll be doing after I scrub down and need a rest!

And a running update for those who care. I finished my last 5K in 22:22, which isn't that bad considering my body doesn't warm up until mile 2 and my former coach just gave me the official go ahead on entering races regularly (I hate injuries!). 1500 runners, and I was still 4th for my division and 25 female overall. Eli, age 3, was the first official toddler across the line in the 1/2 mile race! It's in our genes.