Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm Ranked. Okay, Barely.

Cute photo of the day-Eli! So the 5K was cancelled, and I saved myself 25 dollars. Lightning, smmf. Where's the danger in that? Who doesn't like to run in terrential rain with gusting winds headed at you? It adds a little fun to it all. Seriously, I'm okay; my 12 mile run today was just as fun. I casually finished it in 1:44, with an 8:40 pace.

So my make-up plans include an upgrade next weekend to a 15K (7:40 pace goal), followed by a 4 mile run. My old coach and team will all be there. Here's hoping I don't look like the washed up runner that got injured and can't run anymore.

Which reminds me of a bit of good news. My pitiful time at Moon Pie (from 1:17:00 to 1:20:39) still earned me an open state wide ranking. I am 50th overall at the 10 mile distance. Also to boot, there is only one other Spring Hillian in the state that got ranked at any distance. She just happens to be the 3rd in the state at the 5K distance (at my last 5K), and her husband is a professional bicyclist. Well, here it is in ALL its glory:
2006 Tennesssee Road race Rankings
(that means ALL the ladies)
50 Angela Bunyi Spring Hill 28 1:20:39
Bell Buckle (Moon Pie)