Saturday, November 04, 2006

Magazine Interview and Running Ramblings

Interviewed for the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund. Here is an online article from a nice, local magazine.

Inaugural Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, November 19, 2006

Okay, so what was I thinking?? I signed up for yet another marathon (26.2 miles) next month. The first is on November 19 and the second is on December 9. But really, I have a plan. The first marathon is so insane that I will feel perfectly okay running the first 22 miles slowly and walking the rest. That weekend calls for a 20 mile run, in prep for the Huntsville, Dec. 9 marathon. So, call this an expensive, painful marathon tune-up. And check-out the course elevation! At least we get a super cool award medal and a technical shirt with our name on it. Nice!
Anyway, I have run the 11.2 and 5.8 (both in there) several times. I should be afraid, very afraid. Which is good, because I'd like to get those feelings out of the way before heading to Huntsville. Actually, I am off to Huntsville in a couple of hours. I'm going to run 18 miles of the course....get familar with it.
15 Minutes Late for a 5 Mile Race- Still Earned First Place for My Divison

To be honest, I just woke up with the itch to run in a race. Bad thing was this was 6:35 and the race started at 7 in the next city. I was a little late, but thank goodness for chip timers. This was a 5 miler course, and I still came in with a 7:49 race pace and a first place in my division spot.